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Free-Standing Dip Station for Maximum Flexibility

Why use a free standing dip bar? Why not! Our dip stand can give you all the benefits of a traditional dip bar with several other benefits to boot.

First of all, a free standing dip bar doesn't need to be affixed to a wall in order to work properly. If you're a renter, this is good news, since there's no need to drill holes into your walls.

The Ultimate Body Press dip stand is portable, too, which is another huge advantage over affixed bars. Want to work out outside on a beautiful day? You can. Like to exercise in front of the TV? Go ahead. This portable dip bar can be anywhere you are and do any exercise you can do, from simple dips and knee raises, to a full circuit.

Finally, the Ultimate Body Press is easy to collapse and store. When it isn't in use, slide it under the bed or into a closet and set it up again quickly when it's time to work out again. The Ultimate Body Press regimen requires only about 10 minutes a day and works out your core muscles, focusing on your arms, shoulders, chest and back.

If you're a beginner or an expert, you can tailor your free standing dip bar workout to any ability level. Do simple dips or add body weights or knee raises to match your needs.

If you need the versatility of traditional workout equipment but not the pricetag or the huge footprint, try the Ultimate Body Press dip bar. For more information about the fitness lifestyle, visit our blog.