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Complete Kailo DVD and Home Gym Package
Complete Kailo DVD and Home Gym Package
Complete Kailo DVD and Home Gym Package
Complete Kailo DVD and Home Gym Package
Complete Kailo DVD and Home Gym Package

Kailo DVD and Home Gym Package - SAVE 35%

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SAVE 35% FOR A LIMITED TIME. The David Shamash Kailo DVD and Home Gym from Ultimate Body Press is like getting the gym and the trainer delivered right to your home. Complete with equipment, workouts, expert advice, and all the motivation you need, the Kailo DVD and Home Gym Package will get you fit for life. The package includes all the gear featured in the DVD along with one on one expert advice from the creator of Kailo Fitness, Dave Shamash. Hell be your personal trainer teaching you everything about the equipment, exercise, and your body. The Original Dip Bar Fitness Station
Target chest, shoulders, arms and core with multiple exercises in your home or office and while traveling. The Ultimate Body Press Fitness Station get you the results you want fast.
  • Bold new look for 2015!
  • Dips rapidly build a sculpted upper body
  • Angled grips and asymmetric frame enable both tricep dips and chest dips
  • Bodyweight Rows balance chest and shoulder development
  • Knee Raises strengthen core and lower back
The Ultimate Body Press Doorway Pull Up Bar
The Pull Up is simply the best compound bodyweight exercise you can do. Pull Ups rapidly build every muscle in your upper body and tone your core for real world functional performance. Assisted Pull Up variations support beginners working up to their pull up with full sets and the built in Neutral Parallel grips provide fresh challenges for intermediate and advanced users. If you want the right results, you need a pull up bar. Push Up Rings
The Push Up Rings suspension trainer transforms your Dip Bar Fitness Station and any pull up bar with a full range of compound bodyweight exercises. Rolled steel hooks, 7 ft. straps, and quick adjust buckles switch easily between exercises and the high density foam rigid-core grips are ultra comfortable. New for 2015, the Push Up Rings add wider straps in radiant blue, larger heavy-duty cam buckles, and our latest innovation: lay flat handles that rest comfortably against your forearms. Assisted Pull Ups and One Leg Squats power beginners through full workouts while stability exercises like Chest Flies and Ring Push Ups challenge intermediate and advanced users. Push Up Rings are the Ultimate home gym accessory. This package takes on home strength training in a way that has never been done before. Kailo workouts combine our tried and tested fitness equipment with the latest elite training methods available. Its an intelligent way to transform your body and your strength.
Package Includes:

1 - Kailo Home Fitness DVD Series

1 - Dip Bar

1 - New Improved Push-Up Rings

1 - Doorway Pull-Up Bar

1 - Exercise Resistance Band

Weight Capacity: Dip Station: 350 lbs
Pull-Up Bar: 250 lbs
Push Up Rings: 350 lbs
Resistance Bands: 80 lbs
Shipping Weight: 35 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 7 inches

Product Reviews for Complete Kailo DVD and Home Gym Package

Complete Kailo DVD and Home Gym Package5Michael NeelyMarch 26, 2012I ordered the Home Gym Package and agree with other reviewers about the high quality of the equipment. The Ultimate Body Press is made of hollow steel tubes that are 1.5 inches in diameter. It will wiggle a bit without your weight on it, but when you are using it, it is solid. There are no-slip rubber grips on the handles and bottom portions. The pull up bar is equally solid. Both are easy to move around if necessary. The bands are high quality, with foam grips which can snap on and off each band. The push-up/pull-up ring hooks are steel and the handles have the same foam grips. Customer service was outstanding for me. They were prompt and responsive to my questions, and went out of their way to ensure that I was treated well. I wish all companies would take a page from this one's manual and treat customers the same way. There are a couple of minor critiques that I have. The instructor in the DVD series for the workouts is not always clear about when exercises start and stop. It can be hard if you can't see the TV screen because you have moved to a different part of the room (or a different room) to use a piece of equipment. The rubber grips on the Ultimate Body Press could be a tad thicker, but maybe I just have wimpy hands. Neither of these problems are enough to detract from my 5 star rating though. Thanks for a great product and equally great support.
Complete Kailo DVD and Home Gym Package5PaulaJune 16, 2011Everything assembled easily and they are working just great.

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