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Get Ready and Get Pumped for a Fast and Furious Workout

This workout is like a great muscle car; fast and powerful with questionable brakes so don't stop until is over.

Workout Summary

Exercises: 4
Repetitions: 8-12
Sets: 3-6
Exercise List

1. Clean to Squat to Press
2. Combination Dips
3. Shouldering
4. Chin Ups

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  • 1. Clean to Squat to Press

    1.  Clean to Squat to Press

    This exercise is a progression from the Clean To Squat, we are adding the press and developing additional strength in the shoulders and arms.

  • 2. Combination Dips

    2.  Combination Dips

    Best chest exercise plus best abs exercise equals your Ultimate Body

  • 3. Bear Hug Squats

    3.  Bear Hug Squats

    The Bear Hug Squat takes all the benefits of a regular squat to another level by engage your chest, arms and core.