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The Perfect Combination of Exercises for a Perfect Body

This may be our all-time favorite group of exercises. Even though none of these moves would be considered a traditional core exercise, the full body nature of each will develop awesome core strength and definition.

Workout Summary

Exercises: 4
Repetitions: 8-12
Sets: 3-6
Exercise List

1. Shoulder to Press
2. Ring Push Ups
3. Bear Hug Squats
4. Pull Ups

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  • 1. Shouldering to Press

    1. Shouldering to Press

    Incorporates power and balance while adding a great strength component for your shoulders and triceps.

  • 2. Ring Push Up

    2. Ring Push Up

    The most full body push up exercise.

  • 3. Bear Hug Squats

    3. Bear Hug Squats

    The Bear Hug Squat takes all the benefits of a regular squat to another level by engage your chest, arms and core.