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Stripped Down to the Essentials

If you want to be successful, start with the basics. But don't be fooled this workout will give you advanced results.

Workout Summary

Exercises: 4
Repetitions: 8-12
Sets: 3-6
Exercise List

1. Squats
2. Body Weight Rows
3. Lunges
4. Tricep Dips

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  • 1. Squats

    1. Squats

    Get your blood pumping, to burn fat and boost your metabolism

  • 2. Body Weight Rows

    2. Body Weight Rows

    Combines a rowing exercise and a back bridge to activate muscles thoughout your back and torso.

  • 3. Lunges

    3. Lunges

    Developing strength and coordination so that you don't trip up as you're strutting your stuff.

  • 4. Tricep Dips

    4. Tricep Dips

    Use Our "V" Shaped Dip Stand to Chisel out the "V" Shape in Your Triceps