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1. Squats

sandbag exercise

From a fitness standpoint the squat exercise should be at the forefront of every exercise program. If you strengthen the base and core of your body you will experience it's benefits all the way up the kinetic chain.

Repetitions: 8 - 12

1. Stand tall with the sandbag across your neck and shoulders while holding onto the parallel handles.
2. Feet should be just beyond shoulder width apart with toes slightly pointed out. 3. Lower your body towards the ground as if taking a seat. Make sure to keep a tight lumbar arch.
4. Keep your weight on your heels.
5. Stop once your thighs drop just below the 90* angle, hips just below knees. At this deep point your chest should be up and lumbar should still maintain a tight arch.
6. Driving through your heels push your way back up to a tall standing position.

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  • 4. Tricep Dips

    4. Tricep Dips

    Use Our "V" Shaped Dip Stand to Chisel out the "V" Shape in Your Triceps

  • 1. Squats

    1. Squats

    Get your blood pumping, to burn fat and boost your metabolism

  • 2. Body Weight Rows

    2. Body Weight Rows

    Combines a rowing exercise and a back bridge to activate muscles thoughout your back and torso.

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