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1. Shouldering to Press

sandbag exercise - shouldering to press

This movement is the next step up from Shouldering, in that you're doing the Shouldering move then adding an overhead press and setting the sandbag back down on your shoulder. It incorporates power and balance, but because you are adding in the press it adds a greater strength component for your shoulders and triceps.

Repetitions: 8-12


1. Stand tall with the sandbag lying on the floor vertically between your feet.
2. Feet should be just beyond shoulder width apart with toes slightly pointed out in a sumo squat stance.
3. Keeping your lower back arched, weight on heels bend at the knees and hips and scoop your fingers around the middle of the sandbag.
4. As you extend back up to standing lift the sandbag to support it on a shoulder.
5. From your shoulder lift ('Press') the sandbag overhead. Making sure to extend your arms up all the way.
6. Take just a moment (1-2 seconds) in this press position, then with control, lower the sandbag down to rest on the opposite shoulder.
7. Draw the sandbag back off your shoulder, bending at the knees and hips until it's lying on the ground. Continue to hold on as you're doing your reps, repeating steps 4-7 by taking the overhead press from one shoulder to the opposite shoulder" to "by lowering the sandbag to the same shoulder.

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