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4. One Arm Rows

doorway pull up bar exercise - one arm bodyweight rows

Repetitions: 8 - 12
1. Hang one ring from the pull up bar.
2. Using one arm, hang underneath with your torso parallel to the floor.
3. Keep your elbow close to your side as you pull your body up to the grip.
4. Lower yourself to the start position

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  • 3. Bear Hug Squats

    3.  Bear Hug Squats

    The Bear Hug Squat takes all the benefits of a regular squat to another level by engage your chest, arms and core.

  • 4. One Arm Rows

    4. One Arm Rows

    Activate a Chain of Muscle From Your Biceps to Your Hamstrings.

  • 1. Clean to Squat to Press

    1.  Clean to Squat to Press

    This exercise is a progression from the Clean To Squat, we are adding the press and developing additional strength in the shoulders and arms.

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