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3. Bear Hug Squats

sandbag exercise bear hug squat

The Bear Hug Squat takes all the benefits of a regular squat to another level by engage your chest, arms and core. The Bear Hug Squat is officially an Ultimate Body Press ALL-STAR EXERCISE!

Repetitions: 8-12

1. Stand tall with the sandbag lying on the floor vertically between your feet.
2. Feet should be just beyond shoulder width apart with toes slightly pointed out in a sumo squat stance.
3. Keeping a good body position (chest up, lower back arched, weight on heels) squat down, scooping your hands under the sandbag.
4. Draw the sandbag to your chest and stomach with a bear hug as you stand. Now you're ready for your repetitions.
5. Lower your body towards the ground as if taking a seat. Make sure to keep a tight lumbar arch and your weight on your heels.
6. Stop once your thighs drop just bellow the 90* angle, hips just bellow knees. At this point your chest should be up with the sandbag hugged firmly to it and lumbar should still maintain a tight arch.
7. Driving through your heels push your way back up to a tall standing position.
8. At the top of the movement your hips should be pushed forward and gluteus (rear) should be tucked under to complete the full range of motion.

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