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Exercise Sandbag: 15-40lbs
Exercise Sandbag: 15-40lbs
Exercise Sandbag: 15-40lbs
Exercise Sandbag: 15-40lbs
Exercise Sandbag: 15-40lbs

Exercise Sandbag - Small 15-40lbs

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The New Exercise Sandbag by Ultimate Body Press is a fat-burning, strength-building powerhouse. Working out with a sandbag is incredibly effective, because the shifting nature of the sand recruits more muscles while you exercise. Seven handle shell helps develop functional strength by allowing for exercise variations that are not possible with traditional weights. 3 Filler bags are included and are upgradeable from sand fill to water fill - the new Ultimate Body Press exclusive. Whether your fitness goals include building muscle, losing weight, or improving your speed and agility, the Exercise Sandbag from Ultimate Body Press gets you the right results fast.

Featuring a 1050 Cordura multi-handle shell with high intensity graphics, Ultimate Body Press Sandbags have triple layer double stitched seams for maximum longevity. These are heavy built, hard wearing bags that put a premium presence in your gym.

Each Exercise Sandbag includes the heavy-duty, multi-handle outer shell and three sand filler bags. Three filler bags let you fine tune the weight of the sandbag so it's just right for you at every workout. Each filler bag has a double velcro closure to ensure the sand stays in the bag. Playsand from your local home center is the ideal filler but you can fill your bag with just about any media you have available.

As an alternative to sand fill, you can now order your Exercise Bag with Ultimate Body Press Water Filler Bags. Water Filler Bags hold the same weight as sand fillers but are easily filled up or lightened at any sink and have the added benefit of even greater instability during workouts. Double interlocked closure and hot-sealed heavy-weight material ensure lasting performance. With a Water Fill Exercise Bag, you never have to purchase or transport sand and you are always set to workout even if you travel often.

Bring your Exercise Sandbag training home and continually build on your progress with an Exercise Sandbag from Ultimate Body Press. Satisfaction is guaranteed and you are going to love the results.
View the online workout guide:
Sandbag Exercise Guide
-Seven Handle 1050 Cordura Nylon Canvas Shell

-3 Sand Filler Bags with Double Velcro Closure are included / Upgradeable to 3 Water Fill bags
(upgrade to water fill bags replaces sand fills bags.)

-Sand Not Included

Weight Capacity: 15-40 lbs
Sand Filler Bags: qty. 3 / 13.5lbs ea.
Optional Water Filler Bags:(replaces sand fill bags) qty. 3 / 13.5lbs ea.
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 4 inches
Instruction Manual Exercise Sandbag Manual.pdf

Product Reviews for Exercise Sandbag: 15-40lbs

Exercise Sandbag: 15-40lbs4ZoeFebruary 20, 2013I do love this sand bag and the only thing I wish it had is another strap so I could do bag in the picture..with one hand, in the middle of the bag. UBP Response: Try two-handed swings using the handles on the end.
Exercise Sandbag: 15-40lbs5Tara KingNovember 25, 2012I love them!! I use them for my fitness classes at and they are fantastic! I will definitely be buying more when I have my own studio and a larger clientele. Thanks!!
Exercise Sandbag: 15-40lbs5RobertOctober 21, 2012Excellent product, great price
Exercise Sandbag: 15-40lbs5Linda JOctober 4, 2012I LOVE LOVE LOVE this sandbag!!!! I use it just about every day and am sooooo pleased with it!

Question: what is the cost of shipping? The home gym package looks great but the shipping might be expensive because of the weight...I live on Vancouver Island in BC
Answer: To find accurate shipping rates please add the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart then click "Proceed to Checkout". Enter your address, choose your shipping method and click "Apply".

Question: What is the total amount of handles on th bag, including it's location on the bag? What color is the bag?
Answer: This sandbag has 6 handles, two on either end, two pairs of handles on the sides, a parallel set and an inline set.

Question: What is the dimensions of the bag?
Answer: The sandbag shell is 20 inches long and 9 inches in diameter.

Question: When do you expect this product to be available for purchase?
Answer: This is available now.

Question: Can i choose pink color?
Answer: No,this bag only comes in Green.

Question: What is the weight range for the large and small filler bags when it has sand in it.
Answer: Small Filler Bag: 5-8 lbs
Large Filler Bag: 13-18 lbs

Question: Is the sandbag still available in pink?
Answer: This sandbag does not come in pink.

Question: Will this product be available for europe soon?
Answer: October 1 2012.

Question: Will this product be available to purchase to Australia?
Answer: The Sandbag will not be available from our AU warehouse until 2013. You can request a shipping quote from our US warehouse by using our "Contact us" page.

Question: I'm an american in Europe. When am I gonna be able to gety the sandbag over here?
Answer: The Sandbag will be available in Europe by October 1 2012.

Question: I live in Australia, is this available here?
Answer: The Sandbag will not be available from our AU warehouse until 2013. You can request a shipping quote from our US warehouse by using our "Contact us" page.

Question: Postage to Australia Gold Coast for the sandbags?
Answer: Please use our "Contact us" page to get a quote.

Question: what kind of sand goes in there ? can it be kitty liter ??
Answer: You should purchase playground sand from a hardware or home improvement store. We do not recommend kitty litter.

Question: Does this item come with a warranty?
Answer: The Sandbag has a 30 day warranty. Here is a link to our return policy.

Question: I keep seeing a "Ultimate Sandbag hot pink" used in video's. Can you tell me if there are any difference between that pink one and the small ultimate sandbag here, besides the color? Thanks!
Answer: The products are similar in size. The pink bag has 7 handles and the "Exercise Sandbag" from Ultimate Body Press has 6 handles which allows for the most variety without extra handles to get in the way of important exercises. Please visit our exercise guide to see all the exercises you can do with our Exercise Sandbag.

Question: How long is this sale on for the sandbag?
Answer: The current price is valid through the end of 2012.

Question: where does one get the filler for the sandbag? and do you have any available in pink?
Answer: We do not offer the pink bag. You can purchase playground sand at almost any home improvement store.

Question: how much is the shipping in canada ,toronto ?
Answer: To find accurate shipping rates please add the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart then click "Proceed to Checkout". Enter your address, choose your shipping method and click "Apply".

Question: Do you do international shipping? I want to buy this, but i'm from Brazil...
Answer: Yes, please use our "Contact us" page to get a shipping quote.

Question: In regardling to the sandbag, is the weight already included? Or do u have to put your own weight into the bag?
Answer: As with all sandbags, you must add the weight yourself. We recommend purchasing "Playground Sand" from your local hardware or home improvement store. A 50 lbs bag costs about $3.

Question: can i pick the color of the sandbag?
Answer: This sandbag only comes in green.

Question: Why don't you post reviews?
Answer: Hello Athena. We would like to help you with your issue. We tried to email you but the email address came back as undeliverable. Please email me: It would also be helpful if you could include some order information.

Question: I bought your sandbag and am getting ready to fill it. Do you have a commonly used breakdown on the weight of each bag, small ?, large ?.
Answer: The small filler bags hold 8-10 lbs and the large bags hold 10-15 lbs. It is important not to over fill the bags. Here is a link to the instruction manual for specific filling instructions.

Question: This comes with 4 fillable bags (2 sm, 2 lg) about how much does each weigh when full? I cant get my scale to work with these.
Answer: The small filler bags can hold up to 8 lbs and the larger filler bags hold up to 16 lbs. Be sure not to overfill the bags. Also you can weigh yourself, then pick up a bag and weigh yourself again. The difference in the two weights will be the weight of the bag.

Question: I'm confused about what's included in the sand bag! Do I get the sand on my own?
Answer: You must purchase your own sand. You could also purchase a large bag of rice as a good substitute filler material.

Question: Where is this product made? How much sand, weight wise, will a small AND a large filler bag hold? Can one buy just an outer shell?
Answer: Please look under the specifications tab to find weight capacity for each sandbag. The shells are not sold separately. The product is made in China.

Question: do you offer the pink version?
Answer: No

Question: Does this come with any exercise examples or charts?
Answer: Here is a link to out exercise guide.

Question: What weight limit fir this bag
Answer: The small sandbag holds between 15 - 50 lbs.

Question: Hi, I recently got these bags, haven't filled them yet. Would you remind me how much weight I should put into the bags, both big and small. per bag.
Answer: Here is a link to the instruction manual.

It is important not to overfill the filler bags. The small filler bags 5-10 lbs of sand and the large filler bags hold 10-15 lbs.

Question: I´ve bought large sand bag,and ultimate body press ...what kind of sand can we use to fill the bag?
Answer: The best choice is playground sand which is available at most home stores.

Exercise Sandbag: 15-40lbs

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