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Large Exercise Sandbag
Large Exercise Sandbag
Large Exercise Sandbag
Large Exercise Sandbag
Large Exercise Sandbag

Large Exercise Sandbag - Advanced Strength/Power

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List Price: $130.00
Price: $69.95

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The Exercise Sandbag by Ultimate Body Press is a fat-burning, strength-building powerhouse. Whether your fitness goals include building muscle, losing weight, or improving your speed and agility, the Sandbag from Ultimate Body Press will help you reach them faster. The Large Sandbag holds between 30 - 85 lbs and is suitable for intermediate to advance strength building exercises or advance power drills. The Exercise Sandbag has a heavy-duty, multi-handle outer shell and four filler bags, two small and two large. This means you can fine tune the weight of the sandbag so that it is just right for you. Each filler bag also has a double velcro closure to ensure the sand stays in the bag. Working out with a sandbag is incredibly effective because the shifting nature on the sand inside the bag recruits more muscles while you exercise. The Exercise Sandbag from Ultimate Body Press allows you to build functional strength that you can use every day.
-Multiple Handle Canvas Shell

-4 Filler Bags with Double Velcro Closure

-Sand Not Included

Weight Capacity: 30-85 lbs
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 4 inches
Instruction Manual Exercise Sandbag Manual.pdf

Product Reviews for Large Exercise Sandbag

Large Exercise Sandbag5Steve BJune 15, 2014This is a great piece of equipment and very reasonably priced compared to others I looked at. I frankly don't see why it should cost any more than this model. It gives you a great workout that is like, well work. Functional strength, not gym strength.
Large Exercise Sandbag5ChaseNovember 15, 2013Just got this today. Haven't used it with a legitimate workout, but I have experimented. You can do lots of different exercises with the different handles: Swings, shouldering, squats, curls, deadlifts, etc. However, doing curls is odd cause the handles are too close together for me. My biggest complaint would be adding the sand to the bags. It would be nice if there was a line on the bags that show where the sand should go so it's not so ambiguous. Also, adding all of the filler bags is difficult, making changing weights during a workout hard, I could imagine. However, even with those negatives, i really like how solid this product feels. The bag feels thick, which is good. I look forward to experimenting with this bag. You guys should make a kailo 2 workout that include sandbag exercises!

Question: Can you confirm that the sandbags have three sets of handles? At the end and two the sides, one perpendicular and one parallel to opening.
Answer: That is correct.

Question: when will the sandbags be available for the UK??
Answer: This will be available in Europe on October 1 2012.

Question: what are the dimensions of the large bag? THanks
Answer: The Large bag is 24 inches long with a 12 inch diameter. It is perfect for advanced power moves like shouldering and bear hug squats. We love these exercises.

Question: Do you have training DVDS for the large sandbag and the dip bars
Answer: We have extensive workout advise online in our workouts section. The express workouts are a god place to start.

Question: can this large sandbag be delivered to the uk?.
Answer: It would have to be shipped from the Untied States. Please use our "Contact us" page to get a shipping quote.

Question: I see that there are 4 filler bags to put sand in: 2 small and 2 large. How much weight is a small bag and how much weight is a large bag? Thanks!
Answer: The small bags hold 10-15 lbs and the large hold 18-28 lbs

Question: will the 4 (included) filler bags max out at 85 lbs when filled, or am i required to purchase additional bags to reach the 85lbs
Answer: The filler bags included are enough.

Question: can you get extra filler bags when you buy the large sandbag?
Answer: Yes, please use our "Contact us" page to get a shipping quote.

Question: How heavy can they be loaded
Answer: 85 lbs

Large Exercise Sandbag

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