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Build Muscle, Burn Fat and Improve Performance

At the core of this Workout Guide are THE BIG FOUR MUSCLE BUILDING MOVES: Dips, Pull Ups, Ring Push Ups and Body Weight Rows. Use these four exercises correctly and you can quickly build all the strength and muscle you'll ever need.

Take a sneak peak at the workouts then review the 5 Principles of Fitness to find out exactly how we combine Body Weight Resistance Training with Speed and Agility to build your Ultimate Body.

  • 5 Principles of Fitness

    5 Principles of Fitness

    Rapid Development of Lean Muscle, Posture as Fitness, Resistance Training with Speed & Agility, Flexible Scheduling, Be More Active

  • I'm Only in it for the Muscle!

    I'm Only in it for the Muscle!

    This workout is for those of you who are mostly interested in building more muscle as soon as possible.

  • Beginner Workout

    Beginner Workout

    Introduction to "THE BIG FOUR" muscle building exercises and your primary Speed & Agility moves.

  • Intermediate Workout

    Intermediate Workout

    Increased resistance for "THE BIG FOUR" along with more intense lower body exercises.

  • Advanced Workout

    Advanced Workout

    Maximum resistance for "THE BIG FOUR".

  • Recovery Day Activities

    Recovery Day Activities

    Your muscles need time to rest after strength training, but there are plenty of other activities you can do to keep building your Ultimate Body.