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Dip Station Sandbag Strength and Fat Burning Workout


Alright guys, if you are building muscles, burning fat, and getting sweat like this in just 13 minutes on a comfort of your home, all you need to do is 4 by 40 by 4 workout. That’s four different exercises, 40 second of work and 4 different rounds. All you need for this workout is your body, a few pieces of Ultimate Body Press equipment and then you’re gonna be looking and feeing great.

Start of with Ultimate Body Press Sandbag, and we’re gonna be doing clean presses. Im doing it on side so you can really see the proper form of this exercise. What you wanna do is to start on the sandbag on the ground, push your hips back, wanna keep your back flat, you wanna bend over, you really wanna engage your ???, your legs with this, you gonna pull it up with explosive movement up on your shoulders squat down back onto your heels and press up over your head. Just like that. Do that one more time. Explode up, on your heels, press up over your head. That is our first exercise. We’re gonna do that for 40 seconds and then gonna take 10 seconds break.

We’re gonna move in to our second exercise, which we gonna do pushing movements which gonna corporate our chest through down our core as well. We’re gonna be using the Ultimate Body Press dip station and you can see we have starps on here. We’re gonna be doing a suspended push up. Move down and push yourself back. This gonna be work difficult, its gonna require work core strength because your arms are not fixed to flat surface. It’s gonna be have to work on your stable muscles off to your core to keep yourself stable.

We then gonna move on to our next exercise which is the pull up. We’re gonna use the body press pull up bar. Keep a wide grip, hang from a dead hand. Pull your body up and then you’re gonna come down. What I want you to do with the pull up is visualize with your arms pulling yourself away which is really gonna work your ?? a little bit more. Stick your ?? as you can. You tend on pulling this way. Pull yourself up in control fashion and all way back down to down to deep hang again. If that’s too difficult for you, you can always use the dip bar station and do a row this way. This is the inverted row which is a little bit more easy but is really gonna engage your laps.

That’s the third exercise then we’re gonna move in to our last exercise more of core movement. We’re gonna have sandbag on the ground. We’re gonna go into a plank position. We’re gonna use the sandbag to pull from one side to another. So gonna push up position like this, wanna make sure your wrists are right below your shoulders. The sandbag is gonn be in between. You gonna pull one side, pull together the entire time engaging your core and will keep things as tight as possible with a flat back. Im just sweating to show you guys. So if you guys are ready for this workout, Im gonna set the timer. We’re gonna do 40 seconds on, 10 seconds break, we’re gonna do 1 circuit and you guys gonna do it on your own. Let’s go! That’s three…really push from the heels. Im just gonna move to this side now. Power up! ??? over your head. Really keep you core engaged the entire time. Keep your stomach as tight as you possibly can. Gona get full body workout without moving. There you go, 10 seconds break and now we’re gonna move on those push-ups. Get ready to work that core. Here we go. Down, and up. Really keep that core engaged. That’s two, three, four, You’re gonna feel the burn. Five! Just you expanded and not against fixed position. Six!. Eight! Really contract the chest on the top when moving. Make sure you keep breathing. That’s twelve! Fifteen! Good job! Keep it going. 10 seconds break. We’re moving in to pull ups, 40 seconds. Let’s do it. Wide grip, hang and up. Sure come all way down to full ??. You only keep yourself if you don’t. Fire up those laps. You keep to take your break your grips, stand back to get work again. So hard work. That was tough. 40 seconds pull ups. Not an easy task. Through inverted row if that’s too difficult for you.

Last one, push up plank position. Put the pull through of the sandbag. You will feel your obliques right here working for this exercise. Key to any exercise really ??? your core. Engage your core. I have sweat drops falling. Alright, solid job guys. That is just one circuit. Guess what, you got 3 more to go. Im already breathing heavy,. This workout is gonna help you build muscles, burn fat like I said. And you can do comfort on your home. You do not need gym equipment to live and lean guys. Hope you enjoy this workout. Click on another video to see some more workouts with Ultimate Body Press equipment. Im Brad. Talk to you soon.