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Dip Station Lifestyle

A busy lifestyle with a 10 hour work week and other personal commitments does not have to keep you from meeting your health and fitness goals. A recent study found that a dip station strength training workout schedule does not have to be a rigid as you may have previously believed. Even if you have to wake up before dawn and don’t get home until way after the sun has set, you can use a pull up bar dip machine workout from Ultimate Body Press to build new strength and muscle all the time. The study compared a group of individuals who performed a resistance training workout all at once to another group who performed the same number of resistance exercises over the course of an entire day. The study found no difference in the amount of muscle gained between the two groups. This means that by using our compact dip stand and pull up products for short mini-workouts throughout the day can be just as effective as one full dip bar workout done in one session.

You may consider breaking 3-4 dip machine sets up while you get ready for work. Another strategy would be to take you dip stand to work with you or purchase a second pull up bar to leave at work. This way you can do use the dip bar for a quick super set of dips and inverted rows. This quick pump will help fill your whole body with extra oxygen so you feel more vibrant and alert. Then, when you get home, instead of slipping right onto the couch, step over to your dip machine for another couple sets. You will have accomplished an effective dip stand training routine without sacrificing too much time out of your day. This small change to your workout strategy can have tremendous results.