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The Keys to Fitness Success Are Consistency and Intensity

If you want to be successful all you have to do is pursue your goals with consistency and intensity. It is a simple concept but it is the key to success for any endeavor. If your goal is to build strength and muscle you must be consistent in your training and be sure that you are intense. Ultimate Body Press Dip Station sets you up for success because we give you the tools you need so that there are fewer obstacles in your way to accomplishing a consistent and intense workout routine. We have carefully designed our equipment with this in mind.

An Ultimate Body Press Dip Station workout is the gold standard for a high intensity, highly convenient routines. You can keep this dip station in your living room, dorm room or even at work in your office. This creates an environment where the opportunity to work out is staring you right in the face.

Designing high intensity workouts means picking the right amount of resistance. You want to pick exercises that challenge your body to a point where the exercise becomes very difficult after 8-12 repetitions. You also want to choose exercises that incorporate multiple muscle groups at once. With the Dip Machine you have two exercises that do both. The dip and the body weight row can accomplish both those objectives. Both incorporate multiple muscle groups and by change the angle of resistance and foot position you can vary the level of resistance so you can always achieve the appropriate level of intensity.