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Director of Sports Performance Enhancement at Blue Ridge Bone & Joint uses the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand

Physical Therapist Brian Lawler endorses the Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar as a most versatile and affordable fitness product. He uses it regularly to help his clients increase strength in their upper body and lower abdominal muscles.

Brian Lawler, MS, PT, OCS, ATC, CSCS, PES Director of Sports Performance Enhancement at Blue Ridge Bone & Joint

I have found the Ultimate Body Press to be the most versatile and affordable dip stand on the market today. Its design is unique in that the width of the hand grips can be varied which allows for better accommodation for users of different body types as well as provide a variation in training stimuli to maximize muscle growth. Unlike other dip stations, the ultimate body press can also be utilized for other important strengthening
exercises such as inverted rows. This is important in that the inclusion of inverted rows (in conjunction with dips in a training program) will help to maintain a musculature balance between the pushing and pulling muscles. It is also an effective training tool for the abdominal muscles with the performance of hanging knee raises which is considered by many to be the single best exercise for abdominal development. It is ideal for home use as it is compact and can be easily moved and stored when it is not in use.

I utilize the Ultimate Body Press with many of my physical therapy patients and sports performance clients. I have found the use of this device to be an excellent way for increasing the strength of the entire upper body and abdominal musculature. Many fitness enthusiasts focus on training the muscles on the front of their body or the muscles that they can see in the mirror. This will eventually lead to a strength imbalance with the less trained back muscles that can result in future injuries. It is important to maintain a balance between the pushing movements, such as dips and presses, and the pulling movements, such as rows and chin ups. Unlike other dip stations on the market, this piece of equipment allows you to perform both types of movements. Both the unfit and athletic populations can use the Ultimate Body Press. Simple progressions can allow the relatively untrained individual to gradually increase their strength so that they can eventually move their own body weight without assistance.

Dips and inverted rows are closed chain exercises which are considered to be safe and effective exercises for strengthening as they provide less stress to the shoulder joint through joint compression and low level activation of the rotator cuff. Dips will build your anterior deltoids, pectoralis major/minor, and triceps muscles whereas inverted rows will build your posterior deltoid, latissimus dorsi, and biceps muscles. Together these exercises will give you an upper body that is both functional and resistant to injury.

Unlike other dip machines, the Ultimate Body Press takes up very little space. This allows it to be stored in the home which can help increase exercise compliance. From my own research, the Ultimate Body Press is the least expensive dip machine on the market with the majority of dip machines costing 3 to 4 times as much. I highly recommend the Ultimate Body Press to anyone who is looking for an affordable, portable dip station that can be utilized for some of the most important and effective strengthening exercises for upper body and abdominal development.