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History of the Dip Station from Ultimate Body Press

Dip Stand

A Word From The Owner

If you are anything like me, you are interested in the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand because you want to include dips in your strength training routine, but you dont have room for a power tower or other bulky equipment. Youre also probably not interested in putting on a thong and entering a bodybuilding contest either. You are just interested in the great workout a dip bar provides. However, you remain skeptical of any new fitness product because it is probably cheaply made and just a gimmicky fad that isnt worth your money. I understand these concerns and I welcome the extra scrutiny.

To that end, Id like to add a little more detail as to the origins and purpose of Ultimate Body Press.

Four years ago I ran into a problem. I was an NCAA Division I athlete and like other athletes I had worked out consistently all through high school and college, but having just finished grad school I lost access to the University gym. My plan was to transition to a home based workout, but there was one thing missing. I really wanted to add dips to my workout because other than pull ups it is the very best body weight exercise for your upper body. It is a high intensity chest and triceps exercise to balance out the back and biceps workout you get from doing pull ups. Push ups are good, but they just don't offer the same intensity as a full body weight dip. I was not content with what was available on the market. Everything was either too expensive or too bulky. I knew that there must be other people out there experiencing this same problem so I did a little research and decided I could produce something better.

The first prototype was produced by a fabrication company in Lexington, North Carolina and to this day, the dip bar is still made from the same 1.5 inch diameter steel pipe with .6mm wall thickness. Look around and you will find that everything is made from this stuff. Hand rails, scaffolding, bike racks, you name it. Its used everywhere and it is up to the task. The UBP has been tested up to 300 lbs and customers report using it with more. I also designed this dip station to involve the absolute fewest manufacturing processes so it would be more affordable than anything else on the market. This led to the Patent Pending closed loop design which further ads to its stability. There is no way this product will every break down on you because once you put it together it's one continuous piece of heavy duty steel pipe.

The height of the grips is suitable for the vast majority of users. Everyone is different but it can even be used by individuals up to 65 tall. This grip height also makes it possible to do body weight rows which is another valuable exercise and gives the UBP a balanced quality because you can do two exercises that work opposing muscle groups on one machine.

As for weighted dips, the Ultimate Body Press is definitely strong enough to hold the additional weight You can generally add up to 35lbs plates without having a clearance problem, but add anything larger than that and you will probably need to switch to a weighted vest. You will have no trouble doing regular dips and considering doing a full dip is comparable to bench pressing your entire body weight that is enough for me.

Finally, Id like to say a few words to all the Haters out there who like to spread their "knowledge" in various fitness forums. You see, those who have actually tried the Ultimate Body Press may chime in on dip bar threads and they usually advise that it works well, its stable, it fits nicely in their home and its worth the money. Then there are the comments from those overly opinionated people who have never even tried the UBP. They usually read like this; That thing is crap. or Just do dips between your washer and dryer. or I bet I could make one for cheaper. Well, you could build one and I guess while you're at it you could try and make a new sofa for your living room too, but sometimes when a well designed product meets your needs and is available at an affordable price its often the better option. That's the reason why capitalism works so well and why I keep selling so many dip machines. And who really wants to work out in their laundry room anyway. We can all agree that having the right equipment in the right place leads to more effective strength training and better results.

While it is true that the UBP may not be the right product for a professional body builder, it is a portable, affordable, well built dip stand that continues to help beginners and experienced strength trainers reach their fitness goals. That is why am I proud to offer it to you today. If you purchase the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand or any other Ultimate Body Press brand product and you are not satisfied, send them back within 30 days and well refund your entire purchase price including the shipping and handling.