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Work Your Upper Body With A Dip Machine

Work Your Upper Body With A Dip Machine
After the holiday season passes, do you remember to keep up with your fitness levels? For most people, the holidays are an especially tough time to keep in shape. Temptation seems to be everywhere, from that extra Christmas cookie to Mom's roasted turkey. However, many choose to start off the new year right by making a resolution to develop healthier eating habits, work on building their fitness, and maybe even lose a few extra pounds. If you're one of the millions of Americans that chooses to use the new year to reach a higher level of wellness, it's time to start making it happen. Let help.

Our innovative Dip Machine is designed to deliver the fitness results you need to get in shape for the new year. When combined with healthy diet, regular hydration, and aerobic exercise, the Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar can strengthen your upper body and give your muscles the firm tone that you've always wanted. Great for exercise beginners or advanced weight lifters, the dip bar from is the perfect exercise tool. Get yours today from

Using a unique and innovative design, the dip machine from works your upper body in a way you never thought possible. Here are a few of our favorite exercise suggestions to strengthen and tone your muscles:

For the Biceps: Leaning backwards into the center of the dip machine, grip the sides of the dip bar from underneath. Bending the knees and keeping your feet planted firmly on the floor, use the dip bar to pull yourself up and lower to complete the rep.

For the Shoulders: Using the Push-Up Rings attachment on your Dip Machine, grip the bottoms of the push up straps and lower yourself. Be sure that your knees are not touching the ground and that you're using the tips of your toes to balance. Raise yourself up and repeat.

For the Chest and Triceps: First, place yourself in the center of the Dip Machine. Lower yourself slowly, lift the knees, and at the bottom of the rep, press back up to the starting position. Try to keep your elbows parallel to work your chest harder.