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Dip Exercises To Strengthen Your Chest, Triceps and Back

Dips can be an excellent strength training method, especially when you want to work multiple muscle groups to get results. Because a dip stand allows for you to train the triceps, pectorals, and rhomboid back muscles, this type of exercise is particularly effective for those who want bigger arms, a leaner chest, and a stronger back all essentials for any kind of performance athlete. To help you master your dip station exercises, offers just about everything you need. From the dip machine to videos outlining the best dip exercises, we've got you covered when it comes to taking your strength training workouts to the next level.

To start any sort of dip stand exercise routine, you're going to have to get the right equipment. At, we showcase a unique dip bar that's ideal for helping you complete your favorite dip exercises, as well as several other versatile workouts. With add-ons like push up rings, this dip machine is ideal for one who wants to maximize their time and utility using a machine that delivers all of the strength training benefits without having to go to the gym. You can also increase the power of your dip station workouts by investing in a weighted vest, ankle weights or a weighted belt to provide extra resistance.

After you've found the right dip machine, it's time to start learning dip exercises. To help you get started or to act as a refresher for the experienced strength trainer, has a collection of dip stand exercise videos that feature over a dozen different work outs that you can utilize to boost your fitness level, improve your strength, and get the lean, hard muscle you've always wanted.

It's that simple. All you need is the time, the motivation, and the dip station exercise essentials from