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Versatile & Portable Dip Machine from Ultimate Body Press

The beauty of the Ultimate Body Press is the great number of exercises it enables. It's hard to believe that such a simple mechanism enables such a vast quantity of activities, but it's true. Perhaps the most inviting, however, are dip exercises, which are wonderful for building chest and triceps strength. Let's look at some variations on these fundamental workouts.

If you're new to Ultimate Body Press, consider doing beginner dip exercises before moving on to more strenuous ones. First, try the assisted dip, which allows use of the leg for support. To do this exercise, stand between the bar so that its peaks are at your sides. Place a hand on each peak, lift one leg, and lower yourself while using your grounded leg for assistance. After the descent, simply bring yourself back up by pushing down on the bar with your hands and “standing” with your leg.

Once you've mastered the beginner stuff, you can move on to standard dip exercises. Start by assuming the same position that you did in the assisted dip, but this time, lift your legs and bend your knees so that they're parallel to the floor, and allow yourself to hang. Next, “dip” down and push yourself back up as you did previously. The only difference is that you're not using your legs for support. Once you've come back up, swing your legs ninety degrees forward, bring them back, and repeat the whole process for a fun and challenging workout.

If you want a more advanced routine, try outfitting yourself with body weights while doing standard dip exercises. This will really keep you busy, but always use caution; you don't want to overexert yourself!

Have fun with them, and stay safe!