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Hone Your Strength With A Dip Bar Stand

At, we are committed to giving you a convenient and reliable way to exercise. While most exercise machines are bulky and difficult to manage, ours are all about ease. If you need proof, look no further than the Ultimate Body Press dip bar stand.

The dip bar stand is small, practical, and easy to assemble. With this wonderful piece of equipment, your workout will be intense, challenging, and fun, and regardless of the exercise you choose, you'll feel the strength building up inside of you at every conclusion. The basic dipping exercises are excellent for working your chest and triceps, and there are different variations to keep you on your toes. If you're just starting out with the dip bar stand, you can try assisted dips, which ease you into the forthcoming exercises by allowing the use of your legs for support. Once you're comfortable with those, you can move on to the standard dips, which also leave room for knee raises, allowing you to create a busy, yet very exciting, workout.

In addition to the chest and triceps, the dip bar stand also lets you work a host of other muscle groups. With our push-up rings attachment (sold separately), you can do gymnastic-style push-ups in the comfort of your own home, giving your shoulders the workout they need. The inverted rows exercise can also give you the prominent biceps you've always wanted. Simply grab the bar from underneath and pull yourself up, and you'll feel new life blossoming in your arms.

With this laundry list of possibilities, the Ultimate Body Press dip bar stand is an incredible means of building your strength. So, pick one up today and have at it!