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Dip Bar and Exercise Sandbag 6 Pack Abs Workout


Alright guys if you are ready to awaken your abs then unleash your six pack abs. I have 4 different exercises that I want you to do in the end of every workout. This workout gonna be quick, gonna be intense, and I wanna make you make every single reps count. I want you breathe in hard, and breathe much air should possibly can. You really keep your core engage on every single exercise. We have four different exercises., we’re gonna do 3 circuits of this workout. Basically, take each exercise until failure.

So Im gonna show you the first circuit, Im gonna get you guys to do the second and third circuit on your own. First exercise we’re gonna do the running man on the ultimate body press dip bar. So you gonna grab the dip bar like this, you gonna bring one knee up , then another. Make sure you breathe in throughout. And you really gonna feel your core. Get engage here. You also gonna be working on your shoulders. Just to hold in yourself in this position on the dip bar. So one set, make every single rep count but breathe in as hard as possibly you can and really keep this core ???.

Okay that’s the first exercise, we then gonna move in to Around the world with the ultimate body press sandbag on your head like this and go around your neck and around your body. Keeping your core, engage throat. We’re gonna feel it through and feels as well. Keep breathing guys. And go around the other way. Alright, good job, drop the sandbag and then we’re gonna move in to mountain climbers next.

Down to your mat. Keep that back, that back flat and drag those knees. Its gonna work whole around as well. Quickly as you can. And we’re gonna stop halfway thru. Then gonna go for knee to elbow. Then pull in those obliques. So halfway there switch it up. Alright last exercise back on your feet, back on your dip bar. We’re gonna hit our lower core again. And we’re gonna do hanging knee raises. Here we go. Bring it up and back down. Breathe those much air as you possibly can. Put those knees together and you really feel and visualize to the lower abs just getting smashed.

Alright, that’s it guys after six pack abs workout as many reps as you can for each set then I wanna you repeat that circuit three times no breaks, whatsoever. When you are working your core that’s hard as you possibly can. Be sure to check our Body Press Workouts, there are full body workouts there. Its gonna help you burn calories and help you build muscle and then this workout here will help you really to find and sculpt the core and want you to get rid that belly fat. I'm Brad. We’ll see again soon.