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Dip Bar Basics

A dip bar is a fitness device either free-standing or as part of another fitness apparatus. A dip bar may have grips that are parallel or the handles of the dip bar may be slightly angled. The height of the handles on the dip bar shall be between 3 feet and 6 feet to allow adequate clearance for the body as you perform the dip exercise. The dip bar allows you to perform the chest or tricep dip. Which involves lowering your body between the grips of the dip bar then press your weight back up again against the handles of the dip bar. You most often find a dip bar in the gym, but there are models available for home use. The ultimate body press dip bar is design for home use because it is a compact and affordable dip bar option. Our dip bar is available with a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase of our dip bar, you can return the diup bar for a full refund including shipping and handling.