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sandbag exercise - deadlift

If this exercise is new to you then be prepared to have some fun gaining some incredible results with incorporating this exercise to your routines. Form is of great importance.

Exercise Type: Full Body
Repetitions: 20-30 (with low weight for endurance goals) 6-12 (with heavier weights for strength goals)


1. Take a wide stance with feet a bit more than shoulder width apart. With your arms reach on the inside of your legs to grasp the handles. Make sure to apply tension to take out the slack from the bag.
2. With back straight, hips pressed back, and head up begin to lift the bag up through the centerline of the body.
3. Bring the bag to rest on the front of your quads. Make sure your hips are pressed forward and rear tucked to have a full standing position.
4. Lower the bag down along your thighs, then on the inside of your legs until it comes to rest on the floor. Makes sure you are driving your hips and rear back during this motion to really incorporate those hamstrings.
There are many positions and alternative ways to do deadlifts. You can do a wide stance with arms going inside the legs, or a narrow stance with arms going outside the legs. Because we are using a sandbag it is easier and more proficient to use the wide stance so that you can pull the bag up through your body without giving your shins and knees a beating.