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Catching Fire 30 Day Daily Hiit Challenge

The Catching Fire 30 Day Challenge Remix is here! It's time for you to discover the rapid results that come from High Intensity Interval Training. Rita and Melissa have crafted a collection of workouts that will leave you burning fat for days complete with motivation support and exercise variations.

HIIT workouts tone muscle and amp your metabolism, elevate energy and mood, burn fat, and much more. It takes just 12 minutes a day and beginners are welcome. These are real-time workouts designed as a program to be taken from start to finish over 30 days. All you need to bring is your Ultimate Body Press gear and your commitment.

Make it to day 30 and you will look and feel amazing. You'll also learn to listen to your body and know when your metabolism is activated and what to do when it is not. Own your metabolism by Living with Fitness and you will discover The Shape of your Best Life.