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Chest Exercies To Do With Your Ultimate Body Press

The Ultimate Body Press dipping bar was designed to work critical muscle areas with just a few simple exercises in a matter of minutes, and according to customer reviews, it delivers on all counts. Although it is surprisingly diverse, chest exercises reign supreme on the dipping bar, and we at want to make sure that you what they are and know how to do them properly.

Chest exercises are integral to your Ultimate Body Press experience, and the first one to know is the core dipping exercise. If you're just starting out, you may want to try the assisted dip first. Performing an assisted dip is similar to riding a bike with training wheels in that it eases you into the main task by providing some help. To do these exercises, stand between the bar so that its peaks are at your sides. Hold the peaks for support, lift one leg, and lower yourself by bending the other leg. Now, simply push down with your hands and grounded leg to bring yourself back up. To do a standard dip, simply take your legs out of the equation. Lift them up so that they're parallel to the floor, and just let your arms do all of the work. It's a challenging exercise, but the benefits are massive.

By using our push up rings accessory, you can do another set of chest exercises that will benefit other muscle groups as well. Just attach the rings to the dipping bar, assume a push up position while holding them, and do a push up as you normally would. The key difference is that your hands are not pressed against a flat surface; they're floating in mid-air, which allows them to move freely. This way, you can actually work a host of muscle groups in addition to your chest.

These chest exercises are an excellent way to get in shape. If you'd like a more detailed explanation, you can always check out our video demonstrations.