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Get Fit, Chiseled And Toned With Bodybuilding Workouts

Every year, countless men and women resolve to lose weight and get into shape starting January 1. By the time summer arrives, how many have given up on their resolutions as a lost cause? Are you one of them?

If you've resigned yourself to never being in shape, try the Ultimate Body Press to reinvigorate yourself. The dip bar is great for rewarding bodybuilding workouts and exercises and can help you target multiple vital muscle groups at once.

The gymnast style Push Up Rings that attach to the Ultimate Body Press are the perfect way to work out both your arms, shoulders and your abs the two most important areas that bodybuilding workouts target. As you push your body up on the rings, your other muscle groups work to keep your body steady. Of course, the dip bar's other exercises are just as useful for a good bodybuilding workout.

The other major component of bodybuilding is nutrition, not just workouts. Focus on getting enough protein and carbs and cutting extra fats out of your diet. Conventional wisdom says you should consume a gram of protein for every pound you weigh, 2 grams of carbs, and less than half a gram of fat per pound.

To jump start your workouts and get your New Year's resolution back on track, use the Ultimate Body Press dip bar to supplement your exercise regimen and see results in as little as ten minutes per day. For inspiration, please check out our video page for quick tutorials on how to perform basic, intermediate and advanced exercises. No matter what level you're currently at, there are bodybuilding workouts you can perform with the Ultimate Body Press.