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Body Weight Resistance Exercises For Your Ultimate Body Press

You don't need free weights in order to build muscle. The idea that you do need them is a common misconception, for body weight resistance is also an excellent means of doing so. Some body weight resistance exercises are better than others, though, and the ones enabled by the Ultimate Body Press dipping bar are particularly effective. Let's explore some of them.

1.Chest dips and knee raises are perhaps the most inviting. To do these exercises, place one hand on each side of the bar and lift your legs so that you're hanging in mid-air. Now, lower yourself into the empty space below, and once you've gone as far as you can, push down on the bar to bring yourself back up. Now, without bending your legs, swing your knees about 90 degrees forward, bring them back, and repeat the entire process. This busy workout will challenge and invigorate you like never before.

2.Using the push up rings accessory, you can perform advanced push ups that will work even more than your chest and triceps. Just attach the rings to the dipping bar, hold onto them, and do push ups as you normally would. You'll find that your hands won't actually touch the ground, and this gives them much more freedom, which allows many muscle groups to work together. Of course, this is much more challenging, but if you stick with it, you'll find that the effects are outstanding.

3.You can also try body weight rows, To do these exercises, lie down in the middle of the bar so that its peaks are above you and at your sides. Grab them from underneath and assume a slanted position approximately 45 degrees from the floor. Now, keep your body straight, pull yourself up, and repeat.

For a clearer picture of these body weight resistance exercises, please view our video demonstrations.