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BodyRocker Workout Archive

Start BodyRocking and you won't stop! Short, intense workouts designed to melt body fat and define muscles! Choose any workout, watch the video, and hit play on your personalized interval timer to begin sculpting the body you've always craved.

  • Beg for Mercy Workout

    Beg for Mercy Workout

    This brutal 15 minute workout will have you begging for mercy but the results will have you begging for more.

  • Fit Hotties Rock Workout

    Fit Hotties Rock Workout

    Fit hotties get hotter when they Bodyrock! This 12 minute no equipment workout could be paired with another for even hotter results.

  • Gaga For Tight Booty

    Gaga For Tight Booty

    We go gaga for a great home workout. This 12 minute no equipment workout will tighten you up in all the right places.

  • Hot Mess Workout

    Hot Mess Workout

    This routine is a real piece of work. It will turn you into a hot mess in under 20 minutes.

  • 6 Minute Workout

    6 Minute Workout

    Queue up your two favorite pop songs and knock out this awesome workout in a flash.

  • Im Into You Workout

    Im Into You Workout

    This is simply a magnificent full body workout!

  • Dream Body Workout

    Dream Body Workout

    Kill these 10 exercises in this rep challenge and earn the body of your dreams.

  • Sexy By Summer Workout

    Sexy By Summer Workout

    Next summer you'll have wished you started today. Pound through this 12 minute workout and get the beach body you've always craved.

  • Cardio Strength Workout

    Cardio Strength Workout

    3 exercises, 15 minutes, a body you can show off forever. No equipment required.

  • Brutal Workout

    Brutal Workout

    Sometimes the only way to ultimate pleasure is through ultimate pain.

  • Killer Reps Workout

    Killer Reps Workout

    This is one instance when it's good to be a killer. Murder these exercises one by one and earn a body even your victims will admire. No equipment required.

  • Brutality Workout

    Brutality Workout

    Survive the 15 minutes of pure brutality and savor the godliness of your body afterward. No equipment required.

  • Fast Death Workout

    Fast Death Workout

    Endure this fast death and be reborn—as a sexy image of perfection.

  • Fast Burn Workout

    Fast Burn Workout

    Simple to understand exercises and no equipment required. Do this fast fat burning workout anywhere!

  • Hard Bodies Workout

    Hard Bodies Workout

    Soft is for bunnies and babies. Get hard with this intense workout. No equipment required.