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Before and After Contest

Coming Soon... Go ahead and take your before pictures now to get ahead of the game!

Before and after photos are a great way to motivate yourself and track your progress.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Wear something that shows your body like a bikini, bra & undies or shorts. The more you show, the more you can show off.
2. Use a plain background, that’s well lit and use the same background and lighting for every picture.
3. Do before and afters from lots of angles; Thighs, bellies, arms, back etc. and do these everytime you take pics.
4. For the before picture do not do your ‘skinny pose’ or suck in your tummy. Why cheat? The thinner you appear in the before, the fewer results you’ll notice on the after. That’s de-motivating, you deserve ALL those results!
5. Take new pics on Day 1, Day 15, Day 30 & then every 30 days after that.